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Just when you thought a cheese platter couldn’t get any better, grazing platters burst onto the scene on a mission to satisfy our most indulgent desires – and make our get-togethers as #instagrammable as possible.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family reunion or just want to take your picnics to the next level, a grazing platter is the ultimate appetizer. A smorgasbord of cheese and crackers, breads and dips, fruit and meat, sweet, savoury and a little bit naughty, a grazing platter caters to everyone and has truly become an event staple.

If you’re planning on making one of your own, remember: there are no rules. Round marble cheese boards are just as acceptable as long planks of wood, and the more creative you get with your garnishes, the better (hollowed-out coconuts, flowers, foliage and fairy lights are all fair game).

While there aren’t any rules when it comes to making your own grazing platter, there are a few key elements that should be included and some good tips to keep in mind.

For amazing grazing, ensure you remember the following:

  1. Suit your season: the warmer months are officially here, which means lighter, softer cheeses, stone fruits and nibbles that pair well with white wine should feature heavily on your grazing platter. In winter, think berries, rich cheese and warm, heavier breads.

  2. Mix and match: with that being said, it’s important to have a good range on your platter. Cheddar can sit beside camembert, and chocolate can go next to crackers. Remember, this will either kick off or be the main meal served at your event so try to include something for everyone.

  3. Take it up a notch: instead of slapping a store-bought brie onto your platter, why not brush it with some honey and bake it for five minutes? Rather than serving the dips in their original plastic containers, transfer them to small patterned bowls – or better yet, buy the ones that come in terracotta pots! You don’t have to go over the top, but making little improvements here and there will show in the finished product.

  4. Make a centrepiece: whether it’s a bunch of flowers, a large wheel of cheese or a gourmet loaf of bread, a centrepiece will add drama to your cheese platter (that’s something I never thought I would say…) with minimal effort.

  5. Decorations: they’re perhaps the most fun part of creating a grazing platter, so let your imagination run wild! Plants and flowers are always a good option – you can even use fake ones from a discount store – but experiment with different plates and jars, napkins, cake stands and scatter lollies and chocolates for extra texture.

… but when putting together a grazing platter is the last thing you’ve got time for, call in the pros. That’s right – there are a tonne of people who have turned their grazing platter prowess into a career, who can help take your event to the next level.


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The Picnic Portal is a gateway to the perfect picnic experience to be enjoyed with your favourite people, in a beautiful location, with a magnificently prepared, locally sourced, fresh platter feast.

Leave the preparation to us! We can provide a beautiful platter feast to graze on and all necessary picnic equipment including beautiful rugs, cushions, bell tent, utensils, music, games and even a babysitter!

Tell us your perfect picnic dream and we can make it reality!
We can also cater for your upcoming event, business lunch, baby shower, hens day, retreat or birthday party with a magnificent platter of any shape, size or dietary requirement!

Find out more here

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A Picnic Portal feature in Japanese travel mag Genic Magazine

Chuffed to be featured in Japanese travel magazine Genic - Click link to read

For those of you who can’t read Japanese - here is the translation

★ When is your company founded?

We have been professional picnicking since August 2017

★ Please tell us the history and concept of the company!

I have always had a strong love for colour, food, nature and connection.  Throughout my life I have learnt so much about the health benefits of eating fresh, organic, whole foods and personally felt the transformation in my mind, body and soul from the simple act of eating really well.  This lead me to experiment with making raw cakes, rainbow salads, and of course putting together colourful grazing platters for friends get togethers, gatherings and dinner parties.  

I decided to create a business where I could feed people healthy & nutritious food, work outside as much as possible to soak up the dreamy paradise that i'm living in that is Byron Bay and help people to genuinely connect with each other.  

This is how The Picnic Portal was born and has now become a gateway to the perfect picnic experience in one of the many picturesque locations in Byron Bay and its surrounding areas. For the people who wish to see Byron Bay in the best way! To take in the natural beauty, playful wildlife, salty air and luscious greenery while enjoying a locally sourced, magnificently prepared, fresh grazing platter.  

When we take time out of our busy schedules to be outside,  take a breather, relax and enjoy a meal with the people we care about, it is an opportunity to feel gratitude - Appreciate the delicious, fresh, local produce we have available to us, marvel at the abundance of wildlife we have playing right on our front doorstep, bask in the warm, tropical weather and never ending sunshine which is paired with the perfect gentle afternoon breeze providing comfortable outdoor activity conditions all year around.  We want you to experience the pure magic and natural beauty Byron Bay has to offer and give you the chance to share some love, laughter and happiness with each other.  

From intimate el fresco style picnic platters to corporate event catering and large table platters - We can create your picture perfect dining experience. Our aim is to allow you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues to connect with nature, connect with the food that you are eating and most importantly - connect with each other.

★Where is the area (region) where we can enjoy the party?
We are based in Byron Bay which is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

★ What kind of customers are many?
Our customers are anyone from the romantic couple, young family, older family, corporate business lunch or group of friends celebrating a birthday, baby shower, hens party, small wedding or celebration of any kind when you want to enjoy the food, your surroundings and the company but don't want the stress of planning, setting up and then packing down at the end.  Leave the hard parts to us!

★ Please tell me the picnic plan and the amount.
We can provide you with picnic equipment (rugs, cushions, umbrella, music speaker, card games etc.) and your choice of a healthy and delicious picnic platter (small platters, large platters, grazing boards, finger food, salads, raw cakes or a three course lunch if desired).  Your picnic will be set up and packed down allowing you to arrive, enjoy and escape without the fuss of setting up at the beginning or cleaning up at the end.  We can meet you at a location of your choice or suggest some quieter, less crowded, more secret locations in the Byron Bay area.

Grazing platter for 2 - $200.00 AUD

Grazing platter for 4 - $250.00 AUD

Grazing platter for 6-10 - $350.00 AUD

Large picnic grazing platter for groups/events (feeds 10-15) - $500.00 AUD

Picnic equipment, set up and pack down - $150.00AUD

Platter up in Byron Bay

Weather your visiting Byron Bay or your a Byron Bay local putting on an event or gathering you must check out our platter options!

The intimate grazing platter for two

Our picnic platter for 4 is the perfect size for when you feel the need to provide a little something to nibble on.

Grazing platter for 6-10 including meat and cheese (vegan/vegetarian platters also available)

Event grazing table platters for larger Byron Bay events

Or our large picnic grazing platters for groups and events

Find out more about prices and whats included at

Q&A with Picnic Portal's Prue Rustean

Thanks for the feature Wandering Folk

Thanks for the feature Wandering Folk

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Prue Rustean over the last year and recently hired her magic for our new rug launch soiree and Christmas party.  We love her thoughtfully built spreads, full of colour and local flavour. We thought we'd ask her a few questions to get a little more insight into our favourite local picnic company 'Picnic Portal'.

1. Tell us a little about yourself? 

I grew up between small coastal towns in the South West of Western Australia - Margaret River, Yallingup & Busselton.  I lived in Bondi, Sydney for 3 years and have now found myself very comfortably settled in Byron Bay for the past 3 years which is the perfect balance between super relaxed WA and the extreme high energy of Bondi Beach.

One of my biggest passions/purposes in life is connection (Connecting with nature, connecting with food & connecting with each other).  This has lead me to my current job of picnic planning.  Byron Bay is a picnic lovers dream - I set up picnics and lavish platters in beautiful locations for birthdays, events, special occasions, business meetings etc and pack down at the end, providing people with the opportunity to experience the pure magic and natural beauty Byron Bay has to offer and allowing you to arrive, enjoy and escape without the fuss of setting up at the beginning or cleaning up at the end.  

Plastic free, vegan platter for 6-10 for  Kappi  - reusable vegan-friendly products

Plastic free, vegan platter for 6-10 for Kappi - reusable vegan-friendly products

2. What are your biggest inspirations in life right now?

I am constantly inspired by the abundance of creative people and small business's in Byron Bay.  There are so many people in this special little town having a go at something they believe in and creating genuinely successful business's with passion and purpose that are not only making money, but also making a difference by being as ethical, sustainable and beneficial to the earth as possible. 

Picnic set up at  The Bangalow Guest House

Picnic set up at The Bangalow Guest House

3. How did you get into the creative art of Picnic Platters? 

I have always had a strong love for colour, food, nature and connection.  I have worked extensively in hospitality throughout my life but the first job that really sparked up some passion inside of me was a job working at The Health Emporium in Bondi, I learned so much about the health benefits of eating fresh, organic, whole foods and personally felt the transformation in my mind, body and soul from the simple act of eating really well.  This lead me to experiment with making raw cakes, rainbow salads, and of course putting together colourful grazing boards for every event, gathering or dinner party.  I also worked at channel 9 on The Today Show where I did a stint as the Meet & Greet producer which also included a bunch of miscellaneous jobs, one being setting up the prop bench for kitchen segments where I realised I had quite the knack for setting up food displays.  I recently completed the NEIS course (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) here in Byron Bay where I was inspired to combine all of my passions and unique talents to create a business where I can make things look pretty, feed people healthy & nutritious food, work outside as much as possible to soak up the dreamy paradise that I'm living in and help people to genuinely connect with each other.  I didn't expect this little business to take off as quickly as it has, but I am enjoying every second of watching it organically unfold.

Our large picnic graze for groups/events

Our large picnic graze for groups/events

4. What do you love most about your work?

I have spent years observing (and being apart of) human interactions and group conversations revolved around doing something that is bad for our health - drinking beers, sharing cigarettes, eating pizza, takeout, burgers etc for an excuse to sit around, chat and interact with one another.  It seems to me that for some reason it is unusual for humans to just sit and talk without doing something with our hands.  It has made me so proud to watch people genuinely connect with each other while doing something that is not only good for our health, but also our soul.  Living in a time where we are becoming increasingly disconnected with each other and our surroundings, it is so refreshing to witness a group of people soaking up the amazing natural landscape that surrounds us, appreciate the amazing nourishing food we have so easily available to us and really connect with each other without having an excuse to do something with our hands that is damaging to our insides.

Curiosity to create event with  Wandering Folk  &  LifeCykel  Medicinal Mushroom Growers

Curiosity to create event with Wandering Folk & LifeCykel Medicinal Mushroom Growers

5. Where is your favourite place to slow down and picnic in Byron Bay or its surrounds?

You can't beat a picnic by the ocean, my favourite lookout is a hidden little gem near Little Wategos.  It has a spectacular view over the bay and in my opinion is the best spot to watch the sun setting.  There is also something about the rolling green grass in the Hinterland that makes for a special place to sit down, kick off your shoes, set up and slow down for the afternoon sunset or start your morning soaking up a beautiful sunrise.

Little Wategos lookout

Little Wategos lookout

6. What are your essential items for a picnic?

- Wandering Folk picnic rugs (of course) and as many cushions as possible

- A lavish platter with a selection of healthy, delicious, local produce

- Good company  

- Groovy tunes

- Card games, tarot cards or a good book

Picnic set up at  The Lakehouse Byron

Picnic set up at The Lakehouse Byron

Get in Touch with Prue at Picnic Portal for your next gathering

Phone:          0416 581 919

Instagram:   @thepicnicportal

Mura Boutique festival shoot

Come with us to Byron Bay, home to Splendour In The Grass and the location of our most recent festival themed photoshoot: Hearts Like Wildflowers.


The Picnic Portal and White Havana created the most dreamy picnic set up. We spent an hour lazing under the beautiful Winter sunshine eating way too much food! There were 5 different types cheeses, how could we not!


The Temple Farmhouse is the perfect location for a shoot. Located just outside Byron Bay in Nashua, this rustic farmhouse is set atop rolling hills and boasts the most incredible view. (We have never seen a sunrise quite like it!) Every nook of the house has been lovingly created to exude warmth and a feeling of home. Both inside & outside equally breathtaking, it evokes a feeling in you that is hard to put into words. The outdoor fire pit, wooden swing set & hammocks, and the herb & flower garden creating the perfect backdrop for our shoot.

Amileka luxury accommodation By Take me to australia...

Long lunches with the divine set up from The Picnic Portal

We arranged for a long lunch with a gourmet platter from the delightful Prue at The Picnic Portal. We sat back and sipped on fine wines whilst working our way through local delights from some of the regions most talented artisan producers. The platters can serve as many people as you need and will be set up for you in the finest of displays so that all you have to do is sit back and admire the view of both scenery and food. Sampling some of the local delicacies helped us to fully appreciate the ‘foodie’ side of the Northern Rivers, a region that is becoming highly acclaimed in both the food and beverage industries.


The Good People of Byron

Very excited to be catering for Fifty Acres - The Communications Agency Byron launch - 22nd of November, Don't miss it! Get your tickets here:

Live music. Social Media workshop. Healthy eats. The perfect way to get to know our new neighbours.

Award-winning PR and communications agency Fifty Acres is proud to be joining the established creative scene of Byron Bay with the launch of their Byron office.

Working to help clients change the world, Fifty Acres is an agency dedicated to giving back to the local community.

To celebrate the launch of our Byron office, Fifty Acres will be gathering some of the best local do-good talent in Byron including not-for-profits, social entrepreneurs, start-ups and government agencies for the perfect introduction to our new neighbourhood.

Speaking of doing good, we will also be running a short workshop on how to choose the right social media platform for your organisation or business.

Live music from Nick Cunningham

Healthy eats from The Picnic Portal

Workshop on how to choose the right social media platform for your business

Your own "Do Goodie Bag" (because we think party bags shouldn't stop at ten years old)

We can't wait to get to know you all.

Byron Echo Newspaper Article - 24/10/2017

A portal to your picnic

By Vivienne Pearson 

Love picnics? Sure! Well, everything except for the preparation, basket packing and lugging and finding the ideal spot. Oh, and the cleanup.

Your portal to an ideal picnic – one without all that stuff but with a fabulous location and great food – is The Picnic Portal. A new business, set up by Prue Rustean, who is inspired to share her love of picnicking. ‘I love having picnics each weekend with friends, especially in beautiful places that people don’t know about,’ she says.

Prue’s picnics are good for you as well as yummy. A stint working at The Health Emporium in Bondi was her introduction to food. She started making raw cakes, which are one of the options within the picnic range but are also available on their own. Prue, aged 28, recently completed the NEIS program (New Enterprise Initiative Scheme). ‘I thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering starting a business,’ she says. ‘It has encouraged me to be more prepared.’

Picnics are available for couples, friends, and small groups. Her style of food lends itself well to small-group catering also. ‘I’m doing a 5-day event at the moment,’ Prue says. Vegetarian, vegan and raw options are standard and any other dietary requirement can also be catered for. Prue can set up in a spot of your choosing, or can suggest a gem from her range of lesser-known perfect picnic spots.

The Picnic Portal also offers others another ‘P’-word service – Pantry Packing. This is for people coming to this region on holiday or for a work trip. Rather than arrive in this beautiful place only to immediately head out food shopping, you can send a list to Prue, who will shop up a storm so you can get into holiday mode straight away. As she knows where to find the best produce locally, you’ll get the best of what’s on offer without eating into your break. If you’re a visitor reading this, make note of Prue’s Pantry Packing for next time. If you’re a local and are tired of picking up ‘just a few basics’ for friends who head this way for a holiday, head them Prue’s way for a portal to your (or their) perfect picnic and packed pantry.

The Picnic Portal,
Instagram @thepicnicportal. 


Fifty Acres 5 day breakfast/lunch picnic platter catering

Well, that was a biiiiig 5 day intro into my Picnic Portal life. Thank you so much to the Fifty Acres team for letting me into your beautiful Coopers Shoot accommodation every morning to have a play around with lots of fresh fruit, veg, smoothie bowls, sushi rolls, rice paper rolls and home made dips. I think I have truely found a job that I LOVE! This is very Byron Bay cliché but i'm feeling very blessed and so excited to see what becomes of this little baby business of mine :-)

Horse wellbeing gathering - 06/08/2017

The Picnic Portal's first event couldn't have been more perfect! What A beautiful sunny winters day for a rainbow vegan platter to graze on for the monthly horse wellbeing gathering with The Byron Bay Natural Horse Centre.  These gatherings are about supporting our horses to enjoy being with humans. Come and play games, do groundwork to improve your connection, make new friends, have a swim or come for a ride by the creek. 

Head to  for upcoming dates and more info on the monthly Horse Wellbeing Gatherings.