Pack my pantry


The Picnic Portal specialises in sourcing fresh, local, delicious and nutritious produce.  If you are renting a holiday apartment for your upcoming family vacation, running a retreat, or live in the area and simply don't have time to perform the dreaded task of grocery shopping - we have you covered.  Send us your shopping list and we will source the products from around Byron Bay and surrounding areas and either deliver the groceries to your door or fill up your fridge and pantry so that you arrive to a fully stocked kitchen with the freshest, best local produce and don't need to waste any of your precious holiday, relaxation or family time running around an unfamiliar town or shopping centre searching aimlessly for your essential groceries.  Cross the food shopping task off your list and let us carry that extra baggage for you! 


Price: $50.00 per hour + price of your groceries (shopping time is approximately 1-2 hours depending on grocery list provided).