A Picnic Portal feature in Japanese travel mag Genic Magazine

Chuffed to be featured in Japanese travel magazine Genic - Click link to read

For those of you who can’t read Japanese - here is the translation

★ When is your company founded?

We have been professional picnicking since August 2017

★ Please tell us the history and concept of the company!

I have always had a strong love for colour, food, nature and connection.  Throughout my life I have learnt so much about the health benefits of eating fresh, organic, whole foods and personally felt the transformation in my mind, body and soul from the simple act of eating really well.  This lead me to experiment with making raw cakes, rainbow salads, and of course putting together colourful grazing platters for friends get togethers, gatherings and dinner parties.  

I decided to create a business where I could feed people healthy & nutritious food, work outside as much as possible to soak up the dreamy paradise that i'm living in that is Byron Bay and help people to genuinely connect with each other.  

This is how The Picnic Portal was born and has now become a gateway to the perfect picnic experience in one of the many picturesque locations in Byron Bay and its surrounding areas. For the people who wish to see Byron Bay in the best way! To take in the natural beauty, playful wildlife, salty air and luscious greenery while enjoying a locally sourced, magnificently prepared, fresh grazing platter.  

When we take time out of our busy schedules to be outside,  take a breather, relax and enjoy a meal with the people we care about, it is an opportunity to feel gratitude - Appreciate the delicious, fresh, local produce we have available to us, marvel at the abundance of wildlife we have playing right on our front doorstep, bask in the warm, tropical weather and never ending sunshine which is paired with the perfect gentle afternoon breeze providing comfortable outdoor activity conditions all year around.  We want you to experience the pure magic and natural beauty Byron Bay has to offer and give you the chance to share some love, laughter and happiness with each other.  

From intimate el fresco style picnic platters to corporate event catering and large table platters - We can create your picture perfect dining experience. Our aim is to allow you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues to connect with nature, connect with the food that you are eating and most importantly - connect with each other.

★Where is the area (region) where we can enjoy the party?
We are based in Byron Bay which is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

★ What kind of customers are many?
Our customers are anyone from the romantic couple, young family, older family, corporate business lunch or group of friends celebrating a birthday, baby shower, hens party, small wedding or celebration of any kind when you want to enjoy the food, your surroundings and the company but don't want the stress of planning, setting up and then packing down at the end.  Leave the hard parts to us!

★ Please tell me the picnic plan and the amount.
We can provide you with picnic equipment (rugs, cushions, umbrella, music speaker, card games etc.) and your choice of a healthy and delicious picnic platter (small platters, large platters, grazing boards, finger food, salads, raw cakes or a three course lunch if desired).  Your picnic will be set up and packed down allowing you to arrive, enjoy and escape without the fuss of setting up at the beginning or cleaning up at the end.  We can meet you at a location of your choice or suggest some quieter, less crowded, more secret locations in the Byron Bay area.

Grazing platter for 2 - $200.00 AUD

Grazing platter for 4 - $250.00 AUD

Grazing platter for 6-10 - $350.00 AUD

Large picnic grazing platter for groups/events (feeds 10-15) - $500.00 AUD

Picnic equipment, set up and pack down - $150.00AUD